Your safety and security is of the utmost importance to us. We do not do background checks or run credit reports but we strongly advise you to do this to help you create a successful experience with a roommate or roommates.

To make it easier for you as you explore how to find a roommate, we have included sample templates for rental agreements and other resources that might be helpful to you before you rent a room or find a roommate. The better informed and prepared you are with the appropriate housing contracts, rental agreements and background checks, the better your living situation should be.

Helpful Resources/Questions for how to find and select a roommate

Useful Questions to ask potential roommates.
Once potential matches have been selected on Roommates4Boomers, it is time to meet at a coffee shop or similar public place and compare living preferences and daily habits to yours. Suggested questions are:
  1. Are you an early riser or night owl? Light sleeper or sound sleeper?
  2. What is your work schedule and will they conflict?
  3. What do they need to feel secure – lights on at night, locked windows?
  4. What room temperature is comfortable for you?
  5. Are you neat or relaxed? No one admits to being a slob but it needs to be discussed.
  6. What are their favorite or least favorite chores?
  7. How do they like to do household/yard duties? Make a list and divide it.
  8. When should you worry if you come home late?
  9. Are you sensitive to fragrance or odors?
  10. Are you allergic to anything? (Examples – peanuts, mold etc.)
  11. Drinking habits? Be honest.
  12. Do they enjoy decorating? What kind of style do they have?
  13. Do you like to cook and what kind of foods do you like?
  14. How much TV?
  15. What kind of music do you like and at what volume?
  16. Share pots and pans and other kitchen items?
  17. Discuss the importance of having dishes washed all of the time?
  18. How often do you have romantic interest over?
  19. Look out for signs the person is safe and honest.
  20. Get references and check them out.
  21. Do an internet search.
  22. Run a credit check.
  23. Have an exit strategy in place and agreed upon in advance.
  24. Consider taking a weekend trip together to see if you are compatible.
Suggested Reading
Background Check Companies
Background checks are essential. It doesn’t costs that much. Employers do it and you should also. Recommended sites are:
Credit Check Companies
Credit checks are also essential. Money problems can destroy any relationship so it is best to know this type of information in advance. Suggested sites are:

Housing Information

Housing contracts are important because it establishes rules for paying rent and utilities and outlining other contractual items for shared living. Suggested readings:
The following websites have legal forms and draft agreements for roommates and shared living arrangements. This is essential because it sets out times for paying rent, utilities, chores, and conflict resolution. Suggested sites are:
National Council on Aging:
We are working with the National Council on Aging to best serve our members. Please check out their planning tool to help you better manage your budget, save money, and set financail goals.
Transcendental Meditation for Women:
The non-profit Transcendental Meditation (TM) program for Women offers an easy 7 step course for the full development of a woman’s emotional, mental and physical health. In 2013, the American Heart Association stated that TM is the only meditation to effectively reduce high blood pressure. Research studies showed that heart attacks and strokes were cut by nearly 50% in at-risk patients. Over 360 peer reviewed published studies, including over $26 million of NIH funding, show TM’s broad range of benefits in all areas of life including heart health.
Please note: Roommates4Boomers does not provide legal advice. These resources are meant as a reference only and are not an endorsement of any services.